RainMaker crafts soundscapes for all content with a focus on advertising, broadcast, and digital media.

We are an experienced team of sound engineers/designers, composers/musicians and producers, backed by longterm collaborative relationships spanning indie labels, to international casting, to top ranked entertainment law.

We are the perfect audio partner for clients seeking high creative quotient, technical mastery, and seamless flexible professional performance.

Sionyx Nightwave

Sionyx - Alice Blue

Ones Who Carry The Flag

Turkish Airlines - Mondial

Join Us

Child Fund

Dumpster Job

Geico - Martin

End Lunch Debt

Ritz - Martin

5G Bubbles

Straight Talk Wireless - Martin


Carmax - Martin

All In

UPS - Martin

Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Great Awaits

Orvis - Admirable Devil

Echo That

Echo Park - Mythic

Cheese Crispers

Ritz - Martin


VA Lottery - YEBO

Flag Football

Geico - Martin

Running Out

TIAA - Martin

Simple Pleasures

Capital One


Buffalo Wild Wings - Martin

We Deliver Confidence

Penske - Martin

Send Cheer

Doordash - Martin

Mothers’ Day Quarantine

Sling TV - Martin

Carolina Keno

NC Lottery - Mondial

Science & Love

Purina Mills - Martin

The Eternals

Geico - Martin

Cattle Wellness

Purina MIlls - Martin

Audio Post record, edit and mix for television, radio and OLV, all digital formats, museum installations, 5.1 surround theater sound, industrial applications, podcasts, programming, independent film, ADR, documentaries, private artist projects on a per deal basis

Sound Design stereo and surround for theatre installation

Music Direction supervision, search, house stock, general stock and direct to artist/label licensing & legal handling

Custom Music original scoring, branding music, sweetening

Talent Casting all content, utilizes partnerships with local, national & international providers

RainMaker Studios is ranked among the top sound recording and mix facilities in the world by Mix Magazine after a two-year long design/build by globally renowned acoustic architectural firm Recording Architecture of London.  RainMaker Studios is headquartered in Richmond Virginia with a sister location in midtown Manhattan NYC.

Recording Architecture Of London

Mix Magazine circ 94 countries, is the world’s leading published resource among the professional recording and sound production technology industry.  

Michael O’Connor

Senior Sound Designer, Session Musician

Clinton Spell, II

General Manager, Scheduler

Jeff McManus

Senior Sound Designer, Technical Supervisor, Composer

Kristin O’Connor

Executive Producer, Owner

Ben Chase

Intern, Musician, Engineer

Bob Arno

Sound Designer, Composer


1901 E Franklin St, suite 101
Richmond, VA 23223
+1 804 771 1300


130 W. 29th St.
5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
+1 804 347 5338